I don’t know how to open up this but I just want to let everything out. Last 2 weeks, I asked a local artist from the Philippines if I can be her Apprentice since i really love her artworks and artstyle so much. So I emailed her. Usually, I really don’t have any guts to ask somehow since I was really shy to other people especially strangers but I’d still managed to wrote her a letter.

I told her how inspired i was to her artworks and of course if I could be her apprentice. One week later she finally replied to me and she told me she can’t because she’s too busy right now ( since she’s really a full time artist ) But she also told me how greatful she was to let me acknowledge as a mentor.

But then .. My heart — It hurts. I know i shouldn’t expect something but you know that .. Rejection are just too cruel. So i can’t help myself but to cry and try to accept the fact and be understanding. She also told me to just keep on practicing. ( which also makes me teary-eyed everytime i remember those lines )

But i know i will be fine. Not now but i know someday. Thank you for listening to my First Art-concern Heartache and Rejection.



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