#ArtBlog 17

This is my last post for today since i was just fetching up to the times i didn’t have time to post.


This is the style i was really working on these days. After getting inspired from an artist in the Art in the Park on Makati, Philippines last march.. I really told my self that i will practice his style too. But turns out i can’t and don’t wanna copy him so i’ll have my own style instead.

So this is it. Still not polished, and unproportioned haha. But  i’ll working on it. Hope i’ll succeed.

Oh yeah. I have a Kakao Talk and Line Account. You can add me there and let’s chat. 😀

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#ArtBlog 15

Hi guys. It’s been a long time ever since my last post here. And it’s april now and summer in the philippines. Kinda hot, yes. And maybe part of me want to do nothing.

Anyway, i was studying a new style since i really want to be an Impressionist like Monet. So here it is. This is my first try though.


I only used a cheap watercolor and a vellum paper. Haha