Art Blog #009



I don’t know but i feel that there is something wrong with her. Oh well, I guess it’s because of my Poor Camera. I’d edited the picture because it was so dark and the details we’re hard to see.


Arigatou ~





It’s been one month since i first created this blog. I want to thank you guys for appreciating my simple art works, and for following me as well. It’s already June right now and school begin to start again. i haven’t gone to any art class before so i was really scared and nervous. I hope everything went well especially to my drawings. I hope they all improve. ( especially the damn noses.) I’ll be a Fine Art student just like what i have dreamed, and i’ll do my best to improve and i hope someone will notice me too. Thanks again guys.


And please. Tell me suggestions too. Cause, I’m really out of idea of what to draw right now. ^^


Art Blog #007




Sometimes, Magic starts with a simple and messy Sketch ..




This is my fan-art of Elizabeth Gillies. 

Right now, I only had two pages left here in my Sketch pad ( Which is too bad for me. Lol ) and i’m looking for something to draw within that two pages. and then i see her eyes .. It was really Beautiful and it really inspire me. And now, I don’t know what to do next within the last page. any suggestion guys ? ^^