Art Blog #006


Actually, This is supposed to be an Alice Fan Art, But now .. I don’t know. I think she looks so creepy. ^^




Art Blog #005





I’m Currently writing another story right now ( Which is happened to be English ^^ Lucky ~) And i tried to draw my heroine so here it is.

I named her Charlotte Alice and her long Blonde ( Supposed to be Ash Blonde ) were tied up into a Ponytail with a Signature Black ribbon on it. She had a very beautiful Almond Blue eyes and a Thick eyelashes. Her bangs were perfectly straight cut and suit to her small and doll like face





Me as ” The Sky Goddess “





This May 03, 2014, I just started to create a new wattpad account. and this time it’s a Private One. Anyway, I just want an another watty account so that i can write a SPG story without anyone complaining at me. Right now,  in my Akoposichinchan account i already had 1545 followers. But can you See ? in this account i only have 2 followers. How interesting ! Well it’s a challenge for me anyway. besides, I really enjoyed writing without limitations. Without any crappy readers to expect more from me because no one knows this account except me and my Neechan ( Mariel Eugenio )


I’ve already created two Ongoing stories and my favorite was ..




Strawberry Time


A Virgin, Man Hater and A Bisexual Bossy Heiress Finally meets her match. Since her First play toy resigned she’s back at being bored again. But what’s this ? Bakit nya tinutulungan ang isang walang pakinabang na Nerd na maging isang kaaya ayang lalake sa iba at kapalit eh ang maging Butler nya ?





The reason why I really like writing this story was because, I can see Carlissa in me. She had a Split Personality, One was sweet and one was a Sadist. She likes to control things and she was totally a Dominant but above all this no one knows that she’s just a little lonely and bored in life girl. She just want to find her true happiness that’s all.


And i also used Ms. Victoria Justice for the heroine. ( Hope you don’t mind ^^ ) I really like her beautiful face and her aura and i know that she really fits in Carlissa’s role.



The Sky Goddess



The Girl named Cassandra Annika is the One. She’s not a real human but a powerful Fairy Goddess na pinagaagawan ng Summer & Winter Court of the Faery Realm. So she made the Longest journey of trying to get rid away from them. But then she cannot survive this Human world Alone. She needs a Human Body to replenish her energy back by Sleeping with them. And then she meets this handsome Doctor and then ..





Of course this was also one of my favorite. For the first time ! i’ve finally started creating a Fantasy Romance story. I like Cassie’s name. in all the heroines’ that i’ve made she was the top 1 most beautiful name i’ve ever created. And the story was kinda’ unique too. About the Faery World ” The Nevernever ” and of course, I really tried my best to research about fairies okay ! and i also added some Latin words inside the story.


And Oh yeah, those two of mine we’re both SPG. I told ya ! Since i’m already a 18 years old girl i need to level up and change the genre of my story so here it is now. i hope it really turned very well.